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Pair of American Brass Nautical Taffrail Log Spinners, Negus, NY, Circa 1880
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Pair of American brass nautical taffrail log spinners, late 19th century. Stamped by brothers Thomas Shufeldt Negus, Jr. (1828-1894) & John Davidson Negus (1833-1890) manufacturers and merchants of chronometers and other fine marine instruments. Established as T.S. & J.D. Negus Company in 1845, New York City. A taffrail log is a mechanical speed logging device used like a car odometer and was towed from the stern of the ship by a long line. Taffrail logs were originally developed in the 18th century and became a practical device in the 19th Century.

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45.5 in. Long x 6.5 in. Diameter


# 4861