American # 4748

Mahogany and Brass Skylight Ship Binnacle, T.S. & J.D. Negus NY, Circa 1860
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American mahogany and brass skylight ship binnacle. T.S. and J.D. Negus company was established in 1848 in New York City. They were makers of fine scientific instruments, circa 1848-1900. This highly desirable and maritime instrument is made of carved mahogany with a brass and glass skylight hood covering the original signed gimbaled compass. The six sided binnacle was deck mounted and has painted cast iron port and starboard navigator balls that are adjustable on cast brass arms. The signed compass is also in working condition. Negus Company New York City. Mid-19th century.

$ 15,000 Retail

H 45.5 in. x W 25 in. x D 14 in.


# 4748